You will need a boat 18 feet in length or larger. You will need a valid drivers license, boat registration and insurance.
*Depending on your country a Boating license may be required.

Our skippers are usually approved within 24 hours after we receive readable uploaded documents. You will be able to accept riders immediately upon enrollment.

Yes, the skipper has full discretion on rider acceptance. Their is no minimum ride acceptance rate.
Yes, the skippers application is dynamic and allows for real time changes for price and services.
The skipper is paid his set hourly price minus our 20% booking fee 48 hours after the ride via ACH in the USA. SEPA in the EU and via a debit card we send you elsewhere in the world to access your funds.

Every skipper starts with a 5 star rating. When you complete a ride you and the rider will have an opportunity to rate each other 1 to 5 stars depending on the boating experience.

A proper skipper following our basic skipper tutorial in your skipper dashboard will be able to maintain a 4 star rating or better.
Any skipper with a rating of 3.8 or lower will be automaticly deactivated from our rider system.
We understand some insurance companies have a clause prohibiting paid fares. If you contact our customer service center they can recommend insurance companies that do not have this clause.
Each skipper is set up with a skipper dashboard on our web site. This dashboard will keep track of all your rides and payments received. You will also be able to access boating statistics in your region to optimize your earnings. This dashboard will be used for training and future notices from customer service.
We confirm via pin code your working phone number as to allow a proper download of the mobile application.
We need this to pay your earnings directly into your bank account via ACH.
We need this to send you a 1099 at years end of your earnings for taxes.

If you are hesitant to sign up right now this is a option for you to try it with no obligation.
You start the regular skipper sign up process and give us your basic information. This includes 4 boat pictures to up load, making your boat profile and you setting your hourly price.
When a rider requests your boat we will prompt you and send you the members request via email.
For this free service you would exclude your Driver license information. You exclude your SS# as well as banking information. This information will appear as missing in your skipper dashboard and would be required later to start accepting riders.
You can upgrade to accept riders at any time just by completing your dashboard with the missing information.
For additional questions please contact us at